Իմպրես ընկերությունը վարում է բազմաբնույթ ընկերությունների հաշվապահություն այդ իսկ պատճառով մեր աշխատակիցները մասնագիտացել են տարատեսակ ոլորտների հաշվապահական նրբություններին:  Ստորև ներկայացնում ենք մեր գործընկերներից մի քանիսին:


GG-SOLUTIONS was established in October 2010.

Company mainly is specializing in the development of Automated Control Systems. Due to high intellectual abilities of senior management the company in very short terms developed Dispenser BA – 200 for High Pressure Gas Stations which is one of most demanded virtually in every gas station in Armenia. Products of GG-SOLUTIONS are widely used in many Gas Stations of Armenia and abroad.


The company  was founded in 1988 and  specialized in the sphere of  production of  dairy products  and pastry. The production  has great demand  in Republic as well in abroad.  The production is exported to USA and RF.  In the  main  the equipment, packaging  and additives  are  imported from  Italian Companies. 

The Company  produces  about  90 sorts  of  ice-cream, 30 sorts of pastry, 15 type of dairy products and yoghurts.  In the Company work about   260-300 men :

Time to eat

Here you can taste sandwiches with unique tastes, that are prepared according to your preferences and suggestions. Here you can always count on warm and friendly environment from staff. In addition, if you visit Arshakunyac 6 / 74 branch, you can taste exeptional dishes prepared by our chief.

"ANEX" Studio

Anex is one of the leading companies in field of website design. The products of Annex are distinguished by their unique design and high quality. Due to tight cooperation with Russian based companies Annex founded one of the biggest web portals in the region.


The company was established since 1997, specializing in different types of paints and varnishes. The company strives to be a reliable bridge between producers and consumers of paints and varnishes. The company offers waste variety of paints and varnishes from the world knows producers like Zar, Drylok etc. 

(Sherwin-WilliamsDutch BoyMinwax.)



ITEM is software development company with its head office in Germany. Company offers to its clients full pack of technological solutions, including design, software engineering, development and maintenance of information systems. Creating cutting edge technological solutions, company simplifies complicated business processes for many clients.

Pernod Ricard Armenia

The history of Pernod Ricard in Armenia dates back to the years 1998-1999, when the Group acquired Yerevan Brandy Company, the producer of legendary ARARAT brandies. Pernod Ricard did not intend to confine to the achievements already gained. Realizing the growth potential of the Armenian market and pursuing its principle of separating production from sales, the Group made a decision to set up a distribution subsidiary in Armenia which would concentrate on marketing and distribution of Group brands in the republic, enabling Yerevan Brandy Company to focus solely on its primary activity – production of ARARAT brandies. And despite the relatively short period of operation in Armenia, the company has contributed to the sustainable development of Pernod Ricard Group and played a serious role in the development of the Armenian economy, occupying a distinct place in the social and cultural life of the country.

LC Waikiki

LC Waikiki offers to its clients modern, very comfortable and high quality apparel products for reasonable price. LC Waikiki brand is established in more than 22 countries worldwide.  In Yerevan based shops you can find very unique and stylish closes for woman, man & children.


Mavi is a brand specializing in production of jeans closes. It was established in 1991. It is mainly specialising in production of jeans trausers, shirts, and accessories. Yearly around 7 million jeans apparel is sold in shops of Berlin, New-York, Milan and other cities. 

Mary Bakery

Mary Bakery offers fresh backed coockies and other sweets with great taste and aroma. It uses only natural products and ingredients wich makes their products incredibly delicious and tasty.

Misty Fumes

Misty Fumes is the first vape store in Armenia, located on Tumanyan 18. We are providing real choice for the customer to discover electronic cigarettes and premium eliquid brands from Paris and California. A store with a unique and distinct beautiful interior design, we have set up our goals : to explain that electronic cigarette are 95% less harmful than paper one and to make 'vape' a new word in Armenian language.


Mobi-C was established in May 1990.

Since 1999 Mobi-C is specializing in development and implementation of it’s own configuration based on 1C.Enterprise for big wholesale companies. The main vector of specialization is comprehensive business process automation including: enterprises’ managerial accounting, accounting reports preparation, distribution process automation, goods reservation, customers’ orders processing etc.

Mobile distribution system <<Mobi-C>> considered as one of the most demanded software of the company. It is atomizing both pre-selling and van-selling processes. Among the main fitures of the system is its simplicity in usage, implementation and low cost


JTI is one of the leading brand managing companies worldwide

Our Team