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Printing CCM Receipt with the help of computer or smartphone


Companies, whose revenues in 2015 exceeded 58,35 mln AMD have to use new generation  Cash Control Machines (CCM) since January 2017. Companies, whose revenues in 2016 exceeded 58,35 mln AMD, are obliged to print of CCM receipts the name/drescription of the product or service. Othervice it can be considered as violation of the roold of expluatation of CCM.


IMPRESS is providing free of charge consulting conserning to CCM purchase and registraton.


In addition, we offer various solutions for CCM automation.



1. Printing CCM Receipt with the help of Smartphone.




You can upload our <<Mobisale>> application to your Android devise and easily integrate it with CCM and print Receipt via CCM.

Necessary devices – smartphone or tablet with Android OS.


Service price – since 20,000 AMD





2. Printing CCM Receipt with the help of PC.




We integrate CCM with your PC, which allows to print receipt immediately via PC. If you do not have proper software in your PC, we’ll provide you with the one.


Necessary devices – PC


Service price – since 25.000 AMD

IMPRESS offers services of Distribution Process Automation
Due to automatization, companies manage to:


  • Improve sales
  • Make distribution process easy and measurable
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Decrease transportation and logistics cost
  • Decrease idle time of staff, technical issues – waiting for documents to prepare/send etc
  • Decrase mailfunctions



Whole variety of services delivered by IMPRESS is considered as one of the best in the region in terms of quality and cost. Among the companies that use our solutions are PEPSI, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson etc.


For additional information please call or send us and e-mail.